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Lauretta M. (Wausau)

I recently traveled to Indonesia, had a bad seat on the plane which resulted in terrible pain in my right hip and groin to the extent that I missed at least 75% of my trip. The ship’s doctor saw me four times, prescribed and injected meds to no avail. I returned from my trip still in major pain. Dr Sippl immediately diagnosed a twisted sacrum and treated me. In about a week and a half I was pain free.

I have been treated by many chiropractors over my lifetime and have found Dr Sippl to be an excellent diagnostician of the highest skill.

Linda B (Mosinee)

When I first came to Dr Sippl with issues in my neck and shoulder I honestly did not think I would ever be out of pain. I was sick to my stomach along with pain. Fourteen treatments later I am back at Chi Tai and am not in any pain. Thanks Dr Sippl.

Bernadine H. (Wausau)

Left knee 50% improved with stiffness, pain and walking after knee adjustment and vibracussor.

Julie W.

My husband and I have been getting back & neck pain relief from Dr Sippl for many years now. His staff and himself are always welcoming and professional. Dr Sippl does a fantastic job at easing our pain! We highly recommend him. Natural relief over prescription medication. Chiropractic is the way to go.

Mark P.

I was previously treated by another Chiropractic Clinic and was not getting the results I thought I should by seeing. I went to Dr Sippl on a Monday with a pain level of 9 and could not stand straight. Dr Sippl did a very thorough exam and found the cause of the pain. He did an adjustment and therapy. Tuesday pain was at a level 6 and I was walking straighter. I returned to work on Wednesday and pain level was down to a 3 and I was walking straight. I believe that if not for Dr Sippl, I would still be in pain and walking crooked. Dr Sippl treated all the issues and not just the location of the pain. I would recommend Dr Sippl to anyone that is in pain and needs relief. Thank you.

Deacon Bob Anderson

I have been seeing Dr. Shawn Sippl for many years for a variety of medical issues from back injuries, elbow injuries, feet issues, to just periodic routine alignments. I would like to share an experience that initially brought me to Dr. Shawn in the first place. This is representative of the care I have received over the years from Dr. Shawn each time I come in. I do have to admit right up front that prior to that day I had a mistrust for Chiropractic services because of what I had read or heard from in the news media.

It was Christmas morning. I somehow moved wrong and felt a terrible pain in my lower back. As time passed the pain go so severe that I could hardly move. Even walking with a cane was painful. This was something I had experienced three times before and it seemed that every six months I would end up in ER where I would receive a shot in the back to relieve the pain and then be sent home with several strong painkillers. My daughter was visiting and called Shawn, whom she knew well. He said he would meet me at his office even though it was Christmas Eve. After asking a lot of questions pertaining to my previous experiences with the back issues, he went to work on me. An our later I walked out of his office pain free with no shots, no painkillers, a list of can do’s and can’t do’s, and a couple of follow-up appointments, as well as exercises to do.

I sincerely believe that everything I can still do at 78 years of age is because of the compassionate, knowledgeable, and never give up attitude that makes Dr. Shawn Sippl a great Chiropractic Doctor. He is a great witness to how Chiropractic medicine should be a valuable part of everyone, young and old’s, medical care. Thank you Dr. Sippl.

Tiffany O. ~ (Wausau)

I was having a problem with my jaw locking. I went to the doctor and they gave me some antibiotics to take down the swelling. I do not grind my teeth in my sleep. I have never had this problem before. The medicine helped my jaw to unlock only as long as I was taking it. My jaw locked again. A co-worker highly recommended that I see a chiropractor. She recommended Dr. Shawn Sippl.

So I went to Dr. Sippl’s office. He looked at my jaw and said that he would be able to help me. So we did some adjustments to my jaw. He recommended I do some exercises also. He also noticed that my upper neck was out of adjustment. With the neck being out of adjustment, this causes the jaw to be out of adjustment also. So I had my neck and my jaw adjusted. This helped a lot almost right away. I was noticing that my lower back was in need of adjusting. So after a few weeks of him adjusting my jaw, upper neck and my lower back, I feel great.

About a year ago, I was in a car accident. Actually it was just a little bump. But, this is when my neck and my back were injured. I did not realize it at the time. I also even forgot about it. But it all makes sense to me now.

So in short, if you have a problem with your jaw locking, I highly recommend having Dr. Sippl check it out.

Caroline D. ~ (Decompression patient)

“Thank God for chiropractors, especially Dr. Sippl. I was in total agony and scheduled for cortisone injections. After seeing Dr. Sippl’s ad in the paper, I made an appointment and cancelled my injections. After more than a year of constant pain, I was able to go to church, sleep pain free and go up and down stairs and do other activities of daily living without pain. I can now play with my grandson and really enjoy every minute of it. Dr. Sippl, you did this for me and I can’t thank you enough.”

Cheryl S. ~ (Wausau)

I had been receiving standard back treatments from a different chiropractor for about two years and was not getting much relief. After seeing Dr. Sippl and receiving treatments, after only two weeks, my back pain and leg and foot tingling disappeared. I highly recommend this treatment.

Beth H. ~ (Mosinee)

I have been dealing with a bulging disc for some time now. Not sure where or when it occurred, but it has been a very difficult time for me. I now understand why some people go ahead and have surgery to try to fix the problem – they are in so much pain and discomfort.

It so happened that I had family and friends that heard of Dr. Sippl and his training in spinal decompression and told me to give him a call.

I have been seeing Dr. Sippl for about a month now. First day he could hardly touch me without me cringing in pain, he had to help me move and sit. With the help of therapy and adjustments I am 95% pain free and movable. I could hardly walk from one point to another. I am amazed at something so simple as walking could be so painful! I limped on one leg and put stress on the other. I can now tell you that I can now go for walks at the night time and enjoy getting out of the house. It is truly something that we take for granted until we can’t do it anymore. I am more energetic, I feel like doing things and feel relieved. I have found something that works!!

Dr. Sippl and his staff are friendly and work with you. They try to find the best solution to your problem. If anyone is looking for someone to help – call Dr. Sippl. He is the best thing that could have happened to me!

Frank S. ~ (Wausau)

I suffered with sciatica terribly for 15 months – pain was my companion from morning till nightfall. I tried acupuncture first; while acupuncture provided some temporary pain relief, it did not address the issue of treating the symptoms.

Thanks to Dr. Sippl and his spinal decompression treatments, I have been pain-free for months now, and can enjoy all manner of physical activities once again.

Thank you for giving me my “quality of life” back, Dr. Sippl!

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